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Question: I have questions that are not on the website.  Who can I contact?

Answer:  Questions should be sent to




Question:  I would like to participate in the art contest but do not have a credit.  Can I pay by check?

Answer: Yes.  Please make check out to Lakeside Arts Foundation and mail to:


Lakeside ArtsFoundation

P.O. Box 560532

The Colony, TX, 75056.



Question: Why are entrants in the Scholarship Group required to send in a rendering?

Answer: A sketch or rendering of the planned drawing helps us in two ways. First, it lets us make sure that all art is appropriate for family viewing at a public event. Secondly, a color rendering tells us what colors of chalk we need to order to be sure to have enough of all colors.  



Question: Are artists allowed to bring umbrellas or canopies to cover their areas while they work.

Answer: Yes, in fact, canopies or umbrellas are encouraged, as long as they are weighted down, so they don’t blow over and hurt somebody.



Question: What materials do I need to bring?
Answer: Bring a hat, sunscreen, knee pads or something soft to kneel on (flattened cardboard boxes work in a pinch), and money for food and drinks. Water is provided to artists, along with all chalk needed.



Question: May I use my own chalk, if I have it?
Answer: Yes, but please ask LAF staff to approve it first, to make sure it won’t permanently stain the surface. LAF provides high quality artists chalk for all artists, designed just for sidewalk use.



Question: Where does LAF get the chalk for this event? Can I buy it in a store?

Answer: LAF orders special chalk, made just for this use, from a company in Michigan, Eternity Arts. This chalk is not available in tores, but may be ordered online at



Question: May I bring a cooler?
Answer: Yes, but please keep it small and be courteous to other festival guests.


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