Children's Area: The Non-Competitive Children’s area is open to children of all ages. For $3, children will be provided sidewalk-grade chalk and a designated 2 x 2’ area in which to work. A rendering is not required for this area. 


Amateur Art Spotlight: LAF seeks local artists of all ages to participate in the Amateur Art Spotlight. For a fee of $12 pre-registration or $15 on the day of the event, each artist will be provided high-quality artist-grade pastels and a designated 6 x 6’ square area to work. Artists are asked make sure that the work is appropriate for family viewing at a community event. All participants will have a chance to have pictures of their work displayed on our website for a year! We intend on getting and encouraging participation from all ages and art ability levels.  BRING ON THE COLOR!   Event will happen rain or shine!


Scholarship Competition: High School Seniors are invited to participate in the Scholarship competition for one of three scholarships to the top-selected entries. The First Place scholarship is $500, Second Place is $350, and Third Place is $250. Click here to register for the Scholarship Competition.


Professional Artists: Lakeside Arts Foundation hires several professional artists from the local area to create high-quality art during our event, for your enjoyment. The professional artists for 2020 have been selected, but if you are interested in possibly becoming a professional artist for Chalk This Way at ColorPalooza for the 2021 year please contact us at for more information.

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