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Vendor Event Rules


1.  Vendors and their representative may not sell or advertise any products and/or services outside their booth area.


2.  Vendors and their representative may not authorize other organizations or businesses to sell or market their products and/or services inside their booth without prior permission of CTW Management.


3. Vendors must provide their own liability insurance, if required. LAF and City of Lewisville are not responsible for any loss or damage to products, property or persons in your booth.


4. Vendors and their representative may not authorize any organizations of any nature to sell raffle tickets inside their booth without prior permission of CTW Management. If you have questions, please ask us.


5. Vendor booth set-up begins at 7:00 AM. Please do not arrive prior to that, as park officials have last minute items to prepare prior to vendor arrival. Vendors must check in with CTW Management. All vehicles must be removed from the vendor booth set up area, no

later than 9:00 AM. NO EXCEPTIONS! After 9:00 AM and prior to 6:00 PM, no vehicles will be allowed in the vendor booth area at all; until such time that the Chalk This Way Committee members and Parks Department officials deem it safe to allow vehicular traffic.

Further, vendors who attempt to circumvent the restriction against vehicular traffic in the vendor booth area by going around barricades, by finding alternate routes into the booth area, or by merely improvising a route, may be denied future vendor permits for any event sponsored by or through the Town for a period of five (5) years.


6. Vendors who wish to set up after 9:00 AM or take down their booth before the vendor area is reopened to traffic may do so, with permission of CTW Management, only by hand-carrying their products and booth equipment to or from the location.


7. Parking on paved roads within the festival area (except as previously approved) will NOT be allowed. Vendors must park in designated Vendor Parking Area.


8. No on-site electricity is available. All vendors must provide their own generator, if needed.


9. All items must be set up completely within your marked space. This means trailer hitches, bumpers, boxes, tables, tents, tent poles and legs, and all other items must fit completely within the marked area. Generators are an exception. Discuss placement of generators with CTW Management.


10. NO PETS of any kind will be allowed at any time for any reason in the festival during the event. The only exception will be service animals.



Failure to follow the rules and regulations outlined herewith may result in immediate removal from the event with the possibility of not being allowed to participate in future events. The on-site decision of any Lakeside Arts Foundation board member, City of Lewisville employee, law enforcement, or fire personnel is final.

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