Terms and Condition - Food Vendors


I understand that the vendor form completed upon rental of the booth will be considered a concession agreement with the City of Lewisville and no further permits, etc. are required by me.


I also understand that if I am notified of a violation of any of the rules listed above, or of any vehicle or safety violation as may be determined by City of Lewisville personnel, I must close my booth immediately, completely and cease operations. All of my permit fee will be forfeited. I further understand that I may be denied future vendor permits for any event sponsored by or through Lakeside Arts Foundation or the City of Lewisville for a period of five (5) years.


All food vendors must be approved by Lewisville Health & Code prior to load in at the event. A temporary food permit may also be required. For more information, contact Chris McGinn at (972) 219-3484 or by email at cmcginn@cityoflewisville.com.