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Best in Show:

A-10, Soraya McGarrh, "Ariel"

Best Use of Color (Over 13):
1st Place: A-13, Rian Morgan, "Swimmingly"
2nd Place: A-8, Elidio Ypina, "Elidio"
3rd Place: A-27, Jude Hilton, "Mclaren"

Best Use of Color (Junior):
1st Place: Bella Santesteban, "# Knowledge"

Best Visual Concept (Over 13):
1st Place: Tiffany Taboada, A-16, "Red Rose"
2nd Place: Tracey Mostyn, A-6, "The Ancients"
3rd Place: Santos Lozano, A-33, "Adoremus"

Best Visual Concept (Junior):
1st Place: Abby Parry, A-7, "Sunrise over desert"
2nd Place: Cassidy Horton, A-6, "Emoji"

Best Group Work:
1st Place: A-1, Erin Hanrahan and Co., "Seussical"
2nd Place: A-4, Emma & Caitlin Vanatta, "Dragon of Light"
3rd Place: A-35, Shawn Parker, "Zentangled"

People's Choice:


1st Place: Sidney Simeone, "Mistress of Mushrooms"
2nd Place: Alyssa Briggs, "The Wilderness at Home"
3rd Place: Elizabeth Han, "Cohesive Isolation"

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